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ALC Day School

Instruction designed to meet individual student learning styles and social and emotional needs

This is accomplished by offering students various educational options. The first option is our Core Schedule, which is a seat-based program consisting of seven instructional periods and an advisory class. Each Core Term is 3 weeks. There are 12 terms in the school year.  The advisory period is used to ensure academic progress, improve communication, and strengthen relationships.

Earning Credits at the ALC

Credits Options Possible Per Term

  • 7 Core Classes: 1.75
  • Work Experience On-the-Job for Students 16 Years or Older (Elective Credit): 0.50
  • Independent Study/Credit Recovery: 0.50
  • Advisory Class: 0.25

Available Credits Per Term: 3.00


Terms: 12

Possible Term Credits: 36.00
Summer School 2021: 5.00

Total Possible Credits 41.00